What is a POS Display?

What is a POS display? A point-of-service display is an indoor sales marketing display that is installed near, on, or around a checkout line. They are designed to draw the customer’s attention to specific products, which could be new merchandise, or on sale, and are used to advertise special promotional events, such as holiday-time or seasonal sales. The main benefits of having a POS display is to increase customer awareness and sales, while minimizing customer errors and out-of-pocket costs. Here are some of the common types of displays and how they benefit the retailer.

What is a POS display

No Coffee shop: These small retail establishments often have small kiosks installed in addition to their retail stores. The kiosks contain printed media, like coupons and promotional literature, and are designed to direct coffee shop customers to sale items. Another option is to have an internal counter that directs customers toward sales registers. Both of these options will generate extra revenue for your business.

o Outlet store: Most outlets have a regular set of displays located near the cashiers, where merchandise can be purchased. If you are using these locations as an outlet store, then you can place merchandise on the sales counters, in addition to displaying promotional items. This will encourage repeat business from your customers, who may feel drawn to the sale counter to purchase items.

o Point of sale unit: You can install a single sales display unit in many different locations. In this case, it would be best to place the display near the cash register so that the customer has easy access to the items that are for sale. POS display units also make great additions to department stores, because they give the sales staff an extra way to advertise.

o Department store display units: Most stores that are in department stores have regular display units placed on the sales counters or in the gift shop. If you are interested in adding a POS display unit to one of these locations, then you should contact a POS retailer to find out more about what is a POS display. They can help you determine the proper size and shape for your display to maximize its visibility. They will also be able to give you technical advice about configuring the display units for maximum profit. They can also recommend other possible display venues such as banquet halls and trade shows.

The pos display has become quite popular in many retail locations, as it is an effective way to increase sales. If your store already has a POS system, then you may want to consider upgrading your system to include pos displays. Even if you are not considering replacing your existing system, you may want to consider the pos display technology, as it may increase your profitability.

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