What Are the Types of Displays?

What are the types of display

In a retail environment, the most important display you will see is the one on your store’s main floor. It should be eye-catching, fun and interactive to keep shoppers interested and browsing through the store. There are many types of displays, you can choose from depending on your store’s theme and budget. The most popular are the indoor shelves, which can be found in most stores; self-adhesive banners are commonly used to attract attention and smaller portable displays are also a great option. The key is to make sure it complements the image you are trying to portray and blends well within the atmosphere of your shop.

There are many options for where to put your display. An obvious choice is to put it on an upper shelf, as this gives it a prominent position and makes it easy to access. However, there are other considerations to think about. If you are targeting younger buyers then a high profile logo or image is likely to attract attention, but avoid placing it near the checkout counters or in the middle of the store as this will be confusing for customers. Different types of materials can also help your display to stand out more.

Shopfront displays are another option, but are less common in high street shops. These generally consist of a table or countertop that hangs from the ceiling or walls. Depending on your theme, these can be a great way to promote your range or showcase a particular design or product. It is more unusual to find one of these in the middle of a supermarket, so if you are looking to achieve a different effect and one that can’t easily be moved, then opt for a bespoke display.

Table top display units are very popular as they offer a flexible option that is both cheap and flexible with designs. The downside is that these are not easily stored and you may have to assemble it yourself if you need to move it elsewhere on your premises. Another downside is that these tend to be low in size and unable to be custom designed. This type of display can be seen in some stores and is often seen as a cheaper alternative to bespoke displays. As it cannot be customised however, you are unable to achieve a unique effect with these types of units.

A pop up display is one of the most flexible of all display units and can be used in a number of different types of shops. These are very effective at promoting new products that are being sold, as they are able to quickly attract attention to the products by popping up on the screen. You should always choose pop up display designs that complement the atmosphere of your shop, as they are more likely to create a ‘wow’ factor for customers. There are many companies that can supply you with products to suit your needs, including companies who can supply bespoke pop up displays as well as larger ones that are made from more standard materials.

All these display types have their advantages, but it is down to you to decide which one best suits your shop and your product line. In conclusion then, the answer to the question ‘what are the types of display?’ is simple – there is no hard and fast rules. Each shop will be different, as each product line will have different requirements. However, there are plenty of options available and it is worth spending some time exploring them to make sure that your shopfront is the best it can be.

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